Tim Wesley, Welcome to the Sponsor Section – Deal Preview

Tim Wesley, Welcome to the Sponsor Section – Deal Preview.

Fitness Industry Consulting Services is focused towards helping clients achieve success in a highly competitive business. Our services cater to both operators of single clubs and multi-club operations. Our scope covers all types of operations from full athletic clubs to small corporate fitness centers. F.I.C.S. also offers wellness programs to individual households as well.

For a limited time Fitness Industry Consulting Services will offer corporate and individual health and wellness evaluations/consultations free of charge. F.I.C.S. offers wellness products and services ranging from eco-friendly green cleaning products and nutritional supplements to anti-aging and beauty products. You can receive safer, better, household and personal wellness products direct from the manufacturer at reduced costs. F.I.C.S. also offers an affiliate program that allows you to make a 2nd residual, supplemental income without selling anything or stocking any products.

Fitness Industry Consulting Services offers the premier weight loss, wellness, and body conditioning program available on the market today. F.I.C.S. has partnered with Team Beachbody offering PX90 to commercial gyms as well as individual homes across the United States…soon to be international. This 90 day program gives you every tool needed to accomplish your fitness goals. Support, supplements, nutritonal counseling, online progress reports, and endless workout programs to keep you motivated.

Call today for a free no obligation wellness evaluation and let Fitness Industry Consulting Services be your compass to fitness success and/or finacial freedom!

Tim has been responsible for consulting to health clubs across the USA. He has also conducted new and ongoing training for health clubs to ensure owners’ and sales people have all of the tools and resources needed to be successful.

Tim opens Fitness Industry Consulting Services after spending the last 20 years working with health clubs across the country, where he has served in almost all capacities of the fitness industry. Tim’s most prolific roles include Affiliate Consultant with Fitness Management and Consulting, General Manager, District Manager, Marketing Director, Corporate Sales, and Staff Trainer.

Tim’s extensive experience in marketing, training and managing sales people and staff in health clubs have been a key factor in the growth of fitness facilities nationwide.


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