Reinventing Yourself

When did you last think about who you were, and what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? Was it in college? Were you about 20 years old? Typically, that’s when we must declare our “majors.” After that, we hurry towards proficiency in an industry and profession, ostensibly to dedicate all the remaining working days of our lives. What craziness! How at 20 years old can you chose a career path and commit the rest of your life to it?

The last generation to commit to this fantasy was the baby boomer generation, and I can bear witness to the rude awakening so many of us have faced. Nothing is forever. And the sooner we embrace that the richer and easier our lives will be.

I know teachers who are now sales representatives, lawyers who became business people, PhDs who have bought retail and business franchises. Life is not linear. What we are today may not be what we are tomorrow. Studies have shown that the average college graduate today will have seven distinct careers in his or her lifetime. And for many the choice to change careers may not be their own, but arises from circumstances beyond their control.

The one thing we can be assured of is that every life changing event comes with fear. How you handle that fear will be entirely up to you. If you accept the fear, manage it and then overpower it, you’ll find you will meet the challenges that come with any career or life change. But if you wallow in your fear and let it overwhelm you to the point of paralysis, than expect a difficult road ahead.

Remember, life is nothing but a series of choices. Ask God that you may choose wisely.

Stay strong and keep a healthy body and mind and remember that in today’s times change is almost a guarantee, but be diligent and true to what you want and you will be able to capture what you deserve!

Tim Wesley / Michael Luckman


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