Youth Sports and Recreation

“Youth Sports and Recreation,” coming to a community near you!

We are currently looking for investors (or please vote for us using the link below to receive funding) to get us there. Help us in the fight against childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

Fitness Industry Consulting and United Fitness Group have been working together to develop a business plan for a children’s wellness center over the course of many years as we have interacted with club owners, members, parents, kids and communities. Our concept is not just fitness, but the complete development of children and teens. It includes, but is not limited to; kids functional fitness, nutritional programs, learning centers, psychologist, tutors, transportation, day camps, mind/body wellness, rehabilitation exercise programs, special needs exercise, and sport specific training.

The concept of the wellness center is meant to be duplicated and/or franchised into communities across the United States and possibly beyond.

Having consulted to clubs across the U.S. for years, we have added basic children’s wellness programs to every clubs curriculum that have always been well received. It is now time to specifically designate facilities that cater to the needs of our communities youth.

The wellness center we have in mind is designed to combat kids sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity through knowledge and training. It is 100% intended to build strength, confidence, and well being, and give kids the physical and mental awareness to go after all their dreams. The club is also meant to bring community awareness through networking programs with schools, hospitals, non-profits, and other children’s based programs which may differ from community to community depending upon needs.

We have a kid’s club that we are currently rebranding and developing into, “Youth Sports and Recreation of America.” This will be the model for our new children’s wellness center meant for franchise into communities around the U.S.

Our question to anyone who believes in our cause: Are there any angel investors or grants available that will help us with the financial side of developing and expanding the business model. Also, please direct us to anyone who may be interested in child development or has ideas for kids wellness programs. We welcome any suggestions.
Thank you in advance for any assistance or direction anyone may give for our endeavor. Please vote for us below! We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.

email for more information or to support our cause.