From Alignable: Can You Justify Hiring A Business Coach?

Coaching is NEVER an expense. It’s one of the smartest investments any small business owner will ever make when it comes to building a successful business.

Do you spend countless hours attempting to generate leads, attract new clients and increase your revenue and profits… but see very little in the way of results?

If you answer yes to this question then you need a business coach. Think of it this way. You are just not losing time and resources by marketing the wrong way to the wrong people, you are losing countless amounts of revenue every day you continue to do things the wrong way, while your competitors take your share of the business market.

Two great ways to attract new clients are by using a Dominant Marketing Position or (USP) Unique Selling Position, and the other is to include a Risk Reversal offer. A USP positions you in the market as the best choice for your product or service. It gives prospective clients the mindset that they would be absolutely out of their mind to do business with anyone but you.

The second way is to include a risk reversal. The concept of Risk Reversal is simple – but it requires some boldness and guts. Basically, it means that YOU, the businessperson looking to close a sale, should identify the various reasons a potential customer would hesitate to buy. You then think of little things you can do to overcome those reasons. The Risk Reversal is like a Guarantee – but way more powerful. It’s a guarantee on steroids. The Arnold Schwarzenegger of all guarantees. The kind a buyer cannot turn away from because the buyer has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My Company, TWfics Strategic Marketing uses both of these techniques.

Our Dominant Marketing Position or USP:

“We teach small business owners how to outthink, out-market and out-sell their competition, and we will help your business find $10,000 in 45 min. without spending a penny on marketing or advertising.”

Our Risk Reversal:

As always, by visiting there is no Obligation or Commitment to receive any of our FREE information. And as a bonus…When you decide to work with us, we will show you how to find a minimum of $10,000 hidden inside your business…Guaranteed!

In fact, if after following our program you don’t generate 10 X’s your investment, we will provide you with a full refund. Believe me when I say that this program has the capacity to change your life forever.

If you answered, “yes,” to the question at the beginning of this article; Check out a FREE video at This will give you the full information why hiring a business coach is NEVER and expense…it’s an investment in the future of your business and your financial wellness.


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