Using These Will Cripple Your Marketing

Last time, we began to discuss the fundamentals of marketing…

  • have something good to say
  • say it well
  • say it often

These three critical fundamentals were highlighted in the video I asked you to watch.

Click here if you haven’t watched it yet.

We previously discussed the first fundamental and the best way for you to implement it into your business.

Today, let’s look at fundamental #2… say it well.

Once you have something good to say about your business that separates you from your competitors, now you have to say it well.

Unfortunately, most businesses DON’T!

For example, how many ads, TV or radio commercials or even websites for that matter say things like this… largest selection, most professional, lowest prices, highest quality, best service, fastest, most convenient, largest in the state, honest and trustworthy, unmatched expertise, friendly staff, works harder, gets the job done right the first time… and been in business for 4,000 years?

Look at virtually any and every piece of marketing today and these are ALL you see.

These are called platitudes, and they’re absolutely meaningless to most prospective buyers.

In fact, these platitudes are in reality “expectations” that prospects already have about a business.

For example, don’t you EXPECT any store to offer a large selection… high quality… and good service?

People expect that to happen, and they will only notice when those things are missing.

And yet most businesses highlight these expectations in their marketing and practically brag that they offer them, while the prospect thinks to themselves… “well I would hope you do all of those things!”

Ever see an ad that says… we have a limited selection… average quality… and mediocre service?


There, was that forceful enough (did I say that well? 🙂

Oh, and STOP putting your company name at the top of your ads and website, as well as your picture!

NO ONE cares what you have named your business… and they don’t care what you look like.

STOP using your phone number as the only option you give your prospects as a call to action.

Did you know that the ONLY prospects that will call you are what we refer to as “NOW BUYERS.”

Now buyers make up less than 1% of ALL potential buyers, which means you’re excluding 99% of potential buyers from interacting with your business.

As a business owner, you MUST know and understand these fundamentals about your prospects if you ever hope to create marketing that “says it well.”

But relax, there is a “magic formula” that will give you the ultimate power to “say it well” in every piece of marketing you develop moving forward.

And next week, I will reveal that formula to you, and show you exactly how to use it for your business.

In the meantime, consider my earlier offer to jump on the phone with you and perform a complete evaluation on your marketing and your website.

I’m happy to perform this evaluation for free and show you some quick and simple things you can do right now that could double or triple the number of prospects who respond to your marketing.

And by the way, I PROMISE I won’t try to sell you anything!

If you’re interested, just click here and fill out the short evaluation request form.

Until Next Time..

Tim Wesley


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