Do Just This One Thing and Your Sales Will Explode

Over the past several weeks, I have been writing about the fundamentals of marketing…

  • have something good to say
  • say it well
  • say it often

Last week, I posted an article on the second fundamental… say it well.

Now let’s discuss fundamental #3… say it often.

This is simply referring to the power of “repetition.”

Let’s face it, all of us are bombarded every day with marketing messages.

Experts claim we’re exposed to approximately 3,000 ads every day.

That’s why most of us completely ignore and simply tune out most if not all marketing messages.

There’s just too much clutter, so you have to use repetition to break through it all.

Why do you think you see the exact same ad on TV day after day?

Prospects have to see an ad more than 20 times before it even begins to sink in.

Have you ever had a favorite ad that you found funny or heartwarming, but then discovered you couldn’t name the product or service it was promoting?

Repetition is CRITICAL if you want your marketing to be successful.

Fortunately, when you follow the Conversion Equation of Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer, you don’t have to use as much repetition to get your message across when compared to most advertising that relies strictly on branding.

But you still have to place your marketing in front of your prospects 3 to 6 times to insure you break through all of the marketing clutter.

But here’s the problem… how can a small business owner afford to do that?

These days, marketing isn’t cheap, and it’s getting more expensive every year.

The answer – implement what we refer to as a “drip campaign.”

A drip campaign involves staying in touch with your interested prospects.

OK… but who are your interested prospects?

They’re the ones that requested your informational offer we discussed previously.

That’s why you want to offer information to your prospects when it’s appropriate, so you can capture their contact information and then convert them into customers by staying in touch with them… reminding them of the benefits of your product or service… and helping them down their Buyer’s Journey until they finally arrive at the point where they’re ready to buy.

Remember the Sunroom Contractor from my previous posts?

Think about this… how many people are ready to plunk down $30,000 for a sunroom on any given day?

Obviously not many, which is why that contractor offered a Sunroom Idea Guide in order to entice prospective sunroom purchasers to identify themselves by requesting that guide.

The contractor had them go to a specific landing page and enter their first name and email address so they could instantly download that guide.

Then after capturing that contact information, the contractor could begin a dedicated and continuous drip campaign whereby each prospect would receive additional information targeting specific details about purchasing a sunroom while highlighting and reminding the prospects about the benefits of owning a sunroom.

But what type of information do you send your prospects through a drip campaign?

Simple, you already have ALL of the information you need… it’s all in the informational offer you sent them originally.

You simply take individual components from that offer and remind and reinforce them to your prospects.

Let me show you an actual example of this.

Remember the Sunroom Guide I showed you previously…

Click here to review it again.

Look at the various sections again in this Guide.

Then click here to see a postcard drip campaign that highlights and reminds the prospect about the benefits in the Guide…continues to overcomes their objections… and even reinforces WHY the prospect should use this sunroom contractor over their competition.

Notice also how EACH postcard follows the Conversion Equation of Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

By the way, postcards would be just one type of drip campaign this sunroom contractor could employ.

This EXACT same information could just as easily be sent out in the form of a flyer, a brochure, email or direct mail… or even as a radio or TV advertisement.

The information would remain the same… only the medium with which the messaging is delivered would change.

Next time, I will provide you with a full and complete summary of all the marketing information I’ve provided to you so far and give you the “big picture overview” that will bring all of this together.

Tim Wesley

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